We are a Bristol (UK) based technology company creating the next generation of demand responsive software for transport providers.

And, we like to think, we’re part of the revolution in transport which Christian Wolmar refers to in his blog post, Britain Still Hesitant About Innovation Especially In Transport – you can read the post here

Our vision is a last-mile service which takes people from where they are to where they want to go to with the quick response and convenience of a taxi journey – at a bus fare price. A service so good that it provides a true alternative to car ownership.

Our mission is to combine the latest technological capabilities with our engineering expertise to enable better access for all to work, healthcare and leisure facilities; better efficiency of road networks (less congestion), and, in doing so reduces carbon emissions too.

There is huge disruption in the transport market at the moment with the advent of taxi-hailing apps but this is just the beginning. Change is coming. And Esoterix are part of it.

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