Best value travel

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Posted on: December 22, 2023 Posted by: Liz Davidson Comments: 0

Best value travel

There are somewhere in the region of 55,000,000 different tickets available for travel on the UK network – so I’m told. (I haven’t counted them myself.)

No wonder, then, that customers report feeling a little lost when it comes to being sure that they’ve got the best value travel.

Esoterix has launched a new service, PRISM, which goes a little way to redressing that. PRISM reviews what customers have paid for their travel over the last four weeks and compares that with what they could have paid using alternative ticket options. If there’s a better value option, then we generate a message to let them know.

For example, if a passenger has been buying ad hoc Weekly Seasons but the frequency of their travel means a Monthly Season would be better value. This isn’t always obvious because savings on a Monthly compared to a Weekly kick-in at different frequencies for different routes. (Please refer to the fifty-five million I mentioned earlier 👆)

This service is of particular value to commuters using the network regularly but not so regularly that the ticket choice is obvious – which is quite a lot of people in the era of hybrid working. 

Show your customers that you’ve got their back when it comes to best value travel: get in touch


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