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Lightbulb being held in front of a red sky
Posted on: October 15, 2021 Posted by: Liz Davidson Comments: 0

Transport Innovation Expo

In case you missed last week’s Transport Innovation Expo, you can catch up on the whole event here And we were delighted to be part of the programme, presenting our TRIG20 project, FAST. Project FAST As is often the way with project names, FAST is a play on words.  It …

People on a concourse seen from above
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Zoom in, zoom out

Until recently, it didn’t really matter who exactly got on the train or the bus, just as long as enough people did. That has changed…

Image shows Back to the Future written in the style of the movie posters
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Back to the Future

By Rosie Beeston We went back to the future, but not like in the movie. There wasn’t a Delorean nor a lightning strike on a clock tower. And this graph may not have the same dramatic climax as when Michael J. Fox reached 88 mph, but we’re quite excited about …