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Cover screen of the Degrees of Freedom podcast
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Talking transport

Recently, University of Bristol engineering student, Alby Stevens, got in touch asking if Esoterix would be willing to be interviewed on their student podcast, Degrees of Freedom. Degrees of Freedom looks to introduce STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) to some of the directions their skills could take them in …

Liz delivers Esoterix's pitch the Demo Day audience.
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And that’s a wrap | WAYRA Demo Day

WAYRA Intelligent Mobility Accelerator Demo Day The WAYRA Intelligent Mobility Accelerator Demo Day took place on the Buffini Chao deck of the National Theatre on Wednesday, 30th November 2022.  David and Liz travelled to London to join the eight other SMEs to present the outcomes from their participation in the programme.  …

Engine Shed logo alongside cuddly toy bus
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Mobility Camp 2022

Mobility Camp, previously known as Transport Planning Camp, is in its 5th year. Having previously been in Leeds, Manchester, online, and Glasgow, this year it came south to Bristol and the Engine Shed. This year’s theme was ‘Backing Sustainable Transport’. Transport is responsible for 27% of UK greenhouse gas emissions, …

Liz Davidson presents to the group at the WAYRA kick off day
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Esoterix joins WAYRA

Esoterix is thrilled to have been selected as one of 9 SMEs for the 2022 cohort of WAYRA Intelligent Mobility Accelerator. Around 180 businesses applied to take part, so it is a particular honour to have made it through. The six month programme will facilitate partnerships between the challenge partners …

Lightbulb being held in front of a red sky
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Transport Innovation Expo

In case you missed last week’s Transport Innovation Expo, you can catch up on the whole event here And we were delighted to be part of the programme, presenting our TRIG20 project, FAST. Project FAST As is often the way with project names, FAST is a play on words.  It …

People on a concourse seen from above
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Zoom in, zoom out

Until recently, it didn’t really matter who exactly got on the train or the bus, just as long as enough people did. That has changed…

A train travelling quickly at night
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Transport perspectives

The 3rd in our series of blogs by Vinita Nawathe Suppliers can either provide what people want; or get people to want what they provide. When it comes to transport, operators and policy makers need to understand who wants to travel where, when and why. But it is also important …

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New research into how to implement more flexible fares for rail passengers & train operators

Dr Katharina Burger from the University of Bristol, with Raffaello Rossi from the University of Bristol and Elisa Becker from the University of Exeter, are collaborating with transport solutions company Esoterix, to interrogate rail travel data and make pricing recommendations to benefit both the train operators and rail travellers. A …

Hands of different people each holding a jigsaw piece
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Panel questions from Connect to Collaborate

We recently attended Connect to Collaborate, hosted by Katharina Burger, University of Bristol as panel members. This event sought to identify collaborative opportunities to accelerate technological, behavioural and institutional transitions towards sustainable connected places. Katharina asked us to prepare answers to some interesting – and challenging – questions and we …