Are your teams bogged down by straightforward applications?

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Planning home to school transport is complicated and politically sensitive.

But often, expert teams spend valuable time processing simple, ‘open and shut’ cases and explaining those decisions to parents.

Of course, there will always be nuanced cases that need a person to evaluate them.

By automating processes, you can ensure consistency, transparency, and lighten the load so your team to focus their attention where it’s most needed.


Modular components, integrated possibilities

check invoices






Q) Is my child eligible for home to school transport?

Q) Where is the pick up point?

Q) Is the vehicle on-time?

Q) Is there a ‘spare seat’ on a commissioned service?


Q) Is it worth applying for home to school transport?


Q) Which pupils are eligible for home to school transport?

Q) What impact would improvements to safe walking routes have?



Q) Is there a suitable public transport service that could serve these trips?

Q) Which pupils need commissioned home-to-school transport?

Q) How can I easily show local bus operators where there are gaps in the network for home to school journeys and the size of that demand?


Q) How can we be sure we’re only paying for services delivered?

Q) How can I monitor the quality of the services delivered?



  • Apply online – auditable process
  • Get an instant probable decision on an application – reduce volume of applications handled by teams
  • Submit that application – speedier process
  • File and track an appeal – speedier process
  • Personalised travel planning – promote active and sustainable alternatives to driving


Traffic light system auto-assesses eligibility for transport. ‘Maybe’ responses are referred to teams for individual evaluation.

  • Customised to your local policies
  • Automatically calculates road network distances within the application process
  • Simple decisions take seconds
  • Instantly communicated to families
  • Reduced volume allows teams to focus attention where most needed

No more checking paper catchment maps.

Replicable, reliable decisions. Every time!


Instantly assesses suitability of available public transport, where this is in line with local policy. Determine demand for commissioned services.

  • Checks transport options
  • Generates personalised plans
  • Integration via API to your preferred routing engine – we recommend QRoutes
  • Customised to local policies
  • Works for one-by-one or bulk processing

Watch a short video here


  • Driver tracking checks commissioned routes are delivered
  • Alerts highlight irregularities including regularly late or not delivered – gives teams visibility of poor service
  • Auto-reconciles with expected costs for commissioned routes