MYFIRSTMILE is a new, short-hop service which links people living in Henleaze and Westbury Park to the rapid bus network. 

Passengers pay a single price for their whole journey giving them unlimited access to both MYFIRSTMILE and the First Bristol Inner Zone Network for the duration of their ticket.

It launches to the general public on 15th May.

How it works

Initially, MYFIRSTMILE will only operate at peak times (Monday to Friday: 6am to 10am; and 3pm to 8pm).

How passengers use the service is different in the morning from the afternoon.

In the morning, the vehicles run scheduled routes. You ‘catch’ the service from a bus stop (or other designated pick-up point) and are dropped off at the Nevil Road bus stop on the Gloucester Road to make your onward journey by bus.

In the afternoon, get off the bus near the Coop (the Ashley Down Road bus stop, if coming from the north of the city; Nevil Road bus stop if travelling from town) and get into a MYFIRSTMILE vehicle waiting in the car park. The vehicle will leave within a few minutes and takes a flexible route home according to who is in the vehicle.

During April we’ve been running the service as a closed trial. One participant says

“Delivered straight to the bus, I’ve never felt more in control of my time in the morning rush hour.”

The MYFIRSTMILE app is available from the App Store and Google Play now. Sign up for one day’s free travel