Cut the cost of 3rd party ticket commissions

Southeastern uses GKT to help customers have more comfortable journeys
An example of a SeatFinder Plus email from Southeastern

Make using a smartcard the smart option for your customers by including unique benefits and offers. 

Get to Know Them builds passenger travel profiles based on smartcard taps. It gives you the opportunity to deliver personally relevant messages that up the game in passenger experience.  

Build loyalty with 

  • Proactive prompts which take the thinking out of choosing trains with more likelihood of getting a seat
  • Relevant rewards and incentives based on their travel experience
  • Automated delay repay so customers know that you have their back.
Southeastern uses GKT to send SeatFinder Plus messages. 

“SeatFinder Plus helps us move towards the ambitions set out for the rail industry in the Smarter Information, Smarter Journeys programme” says Alicia Andrews, Commercial Director at Southeastern.

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How busy will the train be?

Illustration of an unhappy passenger on a busy train

Do you like being squashed on the train? Most people hate it.

But when passengers know in advance how busy a train will be they can choose their service based on price, time, and the likelihood of getting a seat. 

It’s a better customer experience and helps manage demand.

Esoterix has a proprietary machine learning algorithm, CrowdAi, to predict how busy services will be. It generates results from a few minutes to 28 days into the future.

If doing better at balancing passenger demand is important to you, we’d love to talk.

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