SevernNet Buzz wins at TravelWest Awards

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SevernNet Buzz wins at TravelWest Awards

We’re thrilled to announce that the SevernNet Buzz won Most Innovative Sustainable Transport Measure at the TravelWest Awards 2017.

SevernNet, a not for profit run by and working for the benefit of local businesses and the community, lead a consortium of partners working together to overcome transport poverty in the Avonmouth area. The SevernNet Buzz includes experimentation in the business model and service delivery, bringing focus to the benefit businesses receive from passenger transport networks.

It is a private, employer led service, supporting the colleagues of participating businesses. Businesses have the option to support their colleagues first/last mile transport entirely or by processing the fares via salary sacrifice, saving passengers close to a third on their fare.

The service builds on the foundations of the SevernNet Flyer, which demonstrated a need for a local first/last mile service but had struggled to reach financial viability without public subsidy. The business led model enables the service to leverage an extra third without penalising low-income earners.

As a private service, SevernNet Buzz can also be more flexible than traditional public services. A key feature for users is full journey visibility, including real-time integration with public transport networks in the area, for example trains arriving at Avonmouth Train Station. SevernNet Buzz drivers are notified of train delays in real-time. If a train is delayed within a set parameter, the driver can wait for the passengers travelling on the train. However, in the case of extended delays, those already on the bus are not kept waiting needlessly.

Finally, the service uses data analysis of travel patterns to determine the most efficient route for those people using the service. The route adjusts over time to reflect these patterns, constantly evolving and improving over time.

The participating businesses are Nisbets, Yankee Candle and Toll Global, with discussions with other businesses ongoing at the time of writing. These businesses recognise that facilitating the first/last mile of their colleagues’ journeys to work delivers tangible returns on investment in terms of attracting and retaining staff.

The SevernNet Buzz partners include Esoterix Systems, Wessex Bus, Bristol City Council, Nisbets, The Bristol Port Company and S. Glos. Council.

Zoe Joyner, Nisbets Community Engagement Manager, says:

One of Nisbets engagement objectives has been to recruit, attract and retain local colleagues.  We are surrounded by local villages; it’s all about making it as simple as possible to travel into the industrial area and we will utilise and develop colleague’s skills once they get to work. Nisbets supports colleagues travelling locally and in doing so also promotes sustainable travel into Avonmouth.  Local companies need to do the right thing for their employees.  Build it and they will come – that’s exactly what we , Nisbets, have done..

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