Smart commuting services improving access to jobs

  • Sustainable business model
  • Smart-ticketing
  • End-to-end journey analysis
  • Route adjustments based on actual demand
  • Complements rather than competes with existing services

SevernNet Buzz is a smart-commuting service which enables people access jobs in remote areas. 

Severnside is an industrial area to the west of Bristol. It has good access to the M4, M5 and M49 motorways, and its strategic position makes it a good location for distribution businesses. However, it is difficult to reach without a car and the area has traditionally experienced a high-turnover in staff. One business reported a churn rate of 40%.

SevernNet Buzz was developed in collaboration with local businesses looking to reduce staff turnover by making it easier to travel to and from their sites.

The service uses smart-ticketing to monitor passenger usage and analyse their end-to-end journeys. This knowledge enables periodic route improvements that ensure the service is convenient and efficient.


SevernNet Buzz has been developed with the cooperation of SevernNet. It is operated by Stagecoach.