Transport Innovation Expo

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Transport Innovation Expo

In case you missed last week’s Transport Innovation Expo, you can catch up on the whole event here

And we were delighted to be part of the programme, presenting our TRIG20 project, FAST.

Project FAST

As is often the way with project names, FAST is a play on words. 

It is an acronym of Find A Space (on a) Train.

And the worked focused on using near real-time data to rapidly update of predictions of how busy a service will be further down the line. That is, what is the impact of the ‘fast’ collection and transmission of data. 

The answer is: significant. 

Real-time* data significantly improve the accuracy of crowding predictions, even when there are spikes in demand that the machine-learning models have not previously seen.

For passengers waiting on the platform, this means accurate insight into how busy they can expect the approaching service to be when they board and for the duration of their journey.

(*I should say ‘near-real-time’ – as engineers, we like to be precise about these things.)

Innovations from across the transport sector

We presented alongside some of our co-awardees in the TRIG20 programme. 

DuoDrive talked about their technology to retrofit diesel powered machine vessels clean electric propulsion.

Houndstooth presented their low-cost technology for detecting drone intrusion.

And SysElek discussed their technology for secure border-ready freight.

It was great to gain some insight into the work going on outside our immediate sphere of knowledge.

Thank you

As always, thank you to Department for Transport for their support and to Connected Places Catapult for putting the event programme together and for hosting it.


You can watch our presentation at the Transport Innovation Expo here

And if you’d like to find out more about our work, we’d be delighted to hear from you 

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