Welcome to Bristol

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Welcome to Bristol

bristolBristol is a great place to live. It is regularly voted as the most liveable city in the UK (2015 and 2014). That’s not to say it isn’t without its problems but these are being tackled with the vibrancy and creativity that the city is becoming known for.

A consortium of authorities and organisations from Bristol, San Sebastián and Florence, has recently won an European Union bid for ‎€26 million to create integrated smart city solutions to tackle familiar urban problems such as traffic congestion, poor air quality and unsustainable energy use.

The project is called REPLICATE (REnaissance of PLaces with Innovative Citizenship And TEchnologies) and aims to look at how to further develop technology in order to create efficient, integrated and interactive urban environments that empower citizens.

Kevin O’Malley, City Innovation Team Manager for Bristol said:

Winning the REPLICATE bid further shows how Bristol is leading the way in researching what the cities of the future could look like and we are delighted to be collaborating with our local partners and with colleagues in San Sebastián and Florence. It is great to now finally be able to implement the smart technology our bid covered in order to create cities a that are better equipped and more resilient to the future.

REPLICATE scored top of all the consortia for its innovative proposal to integrate energy, transport and ICT at scale in the City. Transport is where Esoterix Systems fit in and we’re delighted to be part of the team that is working to make Bristol an even better place to live.

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