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revolutionLast year, The Economist ran a feature on how our relationship with cars has shifted, particularly since the arrival of smartphones.

Last month, Christian Wolmar, premier transport journalist, said on his blog, “I suspect there is a revolution coming in transport just as disruptive as the internet has been to everything from newspaper publishing to Blockbusters, and we should at least understand the nature of innovation or, at best, embrace it.”

Technology is burgeoning with possibilities. Climate change is looming. And people are sick of sitting in traffic jams. The drums of change in transport are rumbling.

What better place for a transport revolution than Bristol? Currently, Bristol has some of the worst traffic in the country. There are various proposed infrastructure projects to improve traffic along main corridors into and around the city. Buxi, however, aims to complement those by improving the public transport offering for the first and last mile of a passenger’s journey, and to cater to those journeys that don’t lie on a transport corridor.

Buxi C.I.C. is now in discussion with major employers in the North Fringe area of Bristol and the Local Sustainable Transport Fund to provide the service to people travelling to and from work, to help alleviate traffic and parking problems in the area. We’ll keep you posted on developments. In the meantime, keep your ears and eyes open, change is on the way. (And you might just love it.)

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