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Best value travel

Esoterix’ new service takes the complication out of choosing the best value season ticket by advising passengers based on the frequency of their travel along their preferred route.

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Using travel history to deliver personalised services

The railways have been backward in collecting and using customer data. Williams Shapps Report for Rail, 2021 It’s over 25 years since the Tesco Clubcard was introduced. Since then, retail loyalty schemes have become commonplace with at least 75% of UK adults belonging to at least one. They work well …

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Talking transport

Recently, University of Bristol engineering student, Alby Stevens, got in touch asking if Esoterix would be willing to be interviewed on their student podcast, Degrees of Freedom. Degrees of Freedom looks to introduce STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) to some of the directions their skills could take them in …

A busy train carriage with all the seats taken and people standing.
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What will people do to avoid an overcrowded train?

Think back to the last time you travelled on an overcrowded train. Were you hemmed into your seat or stuck in the gangway? Did you cautiously ask yourself if you needed the loo?Hope the answer was no. Resolve not to think about it again. Don’t make the thought a reality. …

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Transport Innovation Expo

In case you missed last week’s Transport Innovation Expo, you can catch up on the whole event here And we were delighted to be part of the programme, presenting our TRIG20 project, FAST. Project FAST As is often the way with project names, FAST is a play on words.  It …

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Zoom in, zoom out

Until recently, it didn’t really matter who exactly got on the train or the bus, just as long as enough people did. That has changed…

A train travelling quickly at night
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Transport perspectives

The 3rd in our series of blogs by Vinita Nawathe Suppliers can either provide what people want; or get people to want what they provide. When it comes to transport, operators and policy makers need to understand who wants to travel where, when and why. But it is also important …

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Back to the Future

By Rosie Beeston We went back to the future, but not like in the movie. There wasn’t a Delorean nor a lightning strike on a clock tower. And this graph may not have the same dramatic climax as when Michael J. Fox reached 88 mph, but we’re quite excited about …